Full Log Components

Solid log structural truss  Log TrussCustom engineered, stamped, and pre-cut for re-assembly on site.
Solid log non-structural truss  60' gable trussCustom engineered for specific application, up to 60' lengths.
Square Timber truss  Timber trussAvailable in any size, custome engineered, stamped and precut for re-assembly on site.
Solid vertical log supports Log truss and supportsAvailable in various sizes and lengths, up to 20" diameter. 
Solid log log supports  Log loft supports Customed designed, sizes appropriate to application. 
Solid log porch roof posts and rafters Log porch supportsCustomed designed, sizes appropriate to application.
Half log hallway chair rail Hallway chair railHewn pine chair rail. 
Interior log accentsLog entryway accentsPine log entrance accents
Interior log accentsLog light valence/mirror surround

Pine log mirror surrounds and light valence.