H&L Half-Log Log Siding Literature

H & L Half Log Siding vs. Solid Log Siding

  • Our half log siding is engineered to provide sheathing, siding, and insulation in a single pre-finished application. Dimensional cedar trim, full log tails, vertical corners, posts, log trusses, and log railings complement our siding packages!
  • Our half log siding offers labor saving installation with its interlocking edge and nailing flange for easy nail or screw fastening. Our log siding is 75% to 85% lighter than comparable sized solid log sidings!
  • Our half log siding manufacturing process utilizes rigorous testing, the best available veneers and half log foam core technology making our log siding the most energy efficient log siding available!
  • Our half log siding is environmentally friendly, using 80% less timber vs. solid log siding and all of our log siding comes pre-finished with 4 coats of environment safe water based stain!
  • Our half log siding has full radius log contours giving dramatic curb appeal with the appearance of full log construction. Our log siding meets strict modern architectural standards including exceptional consistency and durability!

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