About H&L Half-Log Siding

H&L Industries

H&L Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer and leading provider of large-diameter log building systems that conserve valuable timber and energy resources.

Company headquarters is located on 12 acres in the northern Wisconsin community of Solon Springs.

The 17,000 square foot complex includes a state-of-the-art pre-finishing facility.

Since 1991, H&L Half-Log log siding has been installed on a wide range of commercial and residential projects, including resorts, lodges, H&L Industriesmotels, restaurants, retail shops, office buildings, condominiums, homes, and cabins.

To see the way H&L Half-Log siding can dramatically change the look of a commercial or residential building, look at our Portfolio page for some actual examples.

If you have questions about H&L Half-Log siding or are interested in hearing about how our log siding can dramatically improve resale value and curb appeal, please contact us. We will be glad to answer any of your questions. We can show you how adding H&L Half-Log siding to your commercial or residential building or new construction project can save you money on material and labor costs while conserving resources.

H&L IndustriesH&L Industries